Commercial Security

After spending money on your business’ interior, it is important that it remains secure, both during business hours and when you are closed. From reducing your insurance premiums, to giving you peace of mind, our top of the range security systems are essential for all business owners.

Custom Security for your business

Our security control systems, including CCTV, monitoring, intruder alarms and automated access, will ensure security is one less thing for you to worry about. We can tailor the level of our security packages depending on the size of commercial venues, and budgets, but all of our systems offer the same high quality security for your business.

Selecting the right team for the job

We have worked with hundreds of commercial clients across the UK on a range of projects from security, lighting, audio visual and outdoor LED screens. One question remains the same – “How do I know you’re the right company for the job?”

The simple answer is you don’t! We’re not going to try and convince you otherwise. Our selection of client testimonials and case studies on our website gives you flavour of what our customers really think about us here at NP Integrated Technology.

We take great pride on taking steps to instil confidence into our client’s right from the outset, we are completely transparent with our pricing, working closely with you on the designs and keeping you updated every single step of the way.

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